Knockout Knob Hardware Samples

mccallum fat knog large photo less white
Brooklyn Bridge Nickel
Brooklyn Bridge SS
Anchor Knob - Bronze
Hybrid Bicycle Wheel Knob Antique Stainless Steel
Road Bicycle Wheel Knob Antique Stainless Steel
Boat Captains Wheel Pull Gold Steel
Monogram CWW kitchen knob matte bronze
Nautical Wheel Knob Nickel
Dragonfly Hook Antique Steel
Ice Axe Cabinet Pull Matte Bronze
Dragonfly Oval Pull Antique Steel
Mountain Bike Wheel Knob Black Steel
Monogram E Knob Antique Steel
OM knob Basket Stem Antique Steel
Prong knob Stem Antique Steel
ice axe knob antique steel
Bicycle Wheel Bronze

About Us

Knockout Knobs is now offering custom knobs, pulls and handles for all types of cabinetry and furniture. We are very excited to be the first custom hardware company to incorporate 3D printed metal knobs and hardware into new and already built cabinetry. We can work with you to create the perfect design to add the “jewelry” to your kitchen, bath, bedroom or family room. 3D printing technology eliminates the need for expensive casting and molds, we go right from design to your custom knobs. Unique hardware is now possible for your home.

Knockout Knobs Custom Hardware will work with you to create a design which matches your home and your lifestyle. We can replicate any hard to find hardware for your favorite new or antique furniture. Knockout Knobs, with our new 3D metal printing technology, is proud to join with architects, builders and interior designers in the great tradition of creating custom homes.


How we work

Knockout Knobs works with you to create unique hardware.

  • We start each order with a design concept.
  • We will work with you to create a design for your approval from an idea, a picture, a drawing or a photograph.
  • Or you can select a design from our design page and we will print in the material and size you request
  • Once you have approved the design we will send you a 3D rendering of your hardware.
  • We will then ask you to select a material for printing your hardware.
  • Once you have selected your material we will give you a price.
  • As soon as you approve the design, the material and the price we will print your hardware.
  • It usually takes about 5 weeks from design and material approval until we ship your hardware.


  • Custom Design cost is $200 (for initial design and one revision– each additional revision is $50).
  • If you select one of our designs we only charge the $50 revision fee for changing size.
  • Printing cost will be based on the material chosen by the customer.
  • If you want a plastic sample of your hardware before we print the metal hardware there will be an additional cost of $15.
  • If you want a single sample of your metal hardware before we print the entire order there will be an additional charge of $50.
  • $200 design fee is payable in order for us to start work.
  • 1/2 the full cost of printing is payable before we start the printing the order.
  • Full payment is due before we ship your order.

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