Knockout Knob Hardware Samples

mccallum fat knog large photo less white
Brooklyn Bridge Nickel
Brooklyn Bridge SS
Anchor Knob - Bronze
Hybrid Bicycle Wheel Knob Antique Stainless Steel
Road Bicycle Wheel Knob Antique Stainless Steel
Boat Captains Wheel Pull Gold Steel
Monogram CWW kitchen knob matte bronze
Nautical Wheel Knob Nickel
Dragonfly Hook Antique Steel
Ice Axe Cabinet Pull Matte Bronze
Dragonfly Oval Pull Antique Steel
Mountain Bike Wheel Knob Black Steel
Monogram E Knob Antique Steel
OM knob Basket Stem Antique Steel
Prong knob Stem Antique Steel
ice axe knob antique steel
Bicycle Wheel Bronze

Knockout Knobs can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge (really!)

If you believe in metal 3D printing technology we can sell you a bridge! Introducing The Brooklyn Bridge knob exclusively from Knockout Knobs. We can print a custom Brooklyn Bridge for you in nickel, polished nickel, bronze, black steel or antique stainless steel. You can choose a stem design and the perfect size for your furniture and cabinetry. Whether you are you are New Yorker living far away from home or a recent transplant to New York, our Brookyn Bridge hardware will be the perfect complement to your home. Of course these knobs will also make a perfect gift for a friend or family member who love NYC and Brooklyn.

brooklyn bridge nicke 1.5 actual

brooklyn bridge stainless 1.5 actual

Knockout Knobs teams up with Architect for new knob design

Knockout Knobs is happy to introduce an exclusive new knob design by the renowned architects Burr and McCallum. This  bronze wire design cabinet knob was inspired by a home designed by the Massachusetts architects. Some say it looks like a whisk, some think it looks like a hot air balloon and we just love the look and feel of this new knob. We can print this knob in any size or metal. Here it is on furniture but it could be on all your kitchen cabinets. Like the impressive homes Burr and McCallum build throughout New England, this design looks different from every angle.

Abstract Cabinet Knob

Contemporary wire design knob

Wire Cabinet knob

Wire Cabinet knob


Ice Ax knobs add the jewelry to bedroom dresser door

Ice Ax Knobs are a great birthday surprise. Kirsten loves Ice Climbing. She sent us this picture of the her new double Ice Ax knobs on the dresser in her bedroom. It was a great surprise birthday present from her husband. The matte bronze finish looks great on her wood bureau.

Ice Ax cabinet knobs and pulls

Ice Ax cabinet knobs for the bedroom dresser

Ice Ax pull on dresser cabinet door

Double Ice Ax knobs on open dresser cabinet door

Bike Wheel Knobs enhance a renovated master bathroom

Jennifer enjoys self contained bike trips to visit family and friends in Massachusetts.  When she is not on the road during the long New England winters, her bike wheel knobs on her vanity remind her of  summer days riding along the shore. Knockout Knobs enjoyed working with Jennifer to modify our road bike wheel knob to meet the specification of her cabinet design.


jennifer vanity

Dragonfly knobs make the ordinary bathroom extraordinary

Like many people, Gail loves dragonflies which symbolize change, power and poise. Dragonflies can move in six directions  while scurrying over water. When Gail decided her vanity and bathroom cabinets needed new look, dragonflies were her first choice for her custom hardware. Knockout Knobs was happy to help Gail find the perfect dragonfly design in the right size and material for her new knobs.


dragonfly cabinet knobs gailsdragonflies2

The Peaceful Yogi’s OM Knobs

Lori thought our OM knobs would be perfect addition to her clients new Yoga room. She ordered 5 OM Knobs to adorn this cabinet and enhance the atmosphere in the yoga room. All our knobs are customized (even our “in house” designs). We worked with Lori to ensure she had the right stem, size and material for her clients OM knobs. It took about 2 weeks for us to complete the custom design process and then another 3 weeks for us to print the perfect knobs.

OM Knob in Yoga room2

The Happy Bicyclist (the original design story)

The original story of how we created Knockout Knobs Custom Hardware.

BikedrawingRecently while building a new kitchen, one of our clients went to her local hardware store to select the knobs for her cabinets. She noticed they had knobs for almost every sport, but bicycling. She wanted us to create a knob in the shape of a bicycle for her. A bicycle seemed too large for a knob so we decided to try a bicycle wheel. A local architect suggested we try 3D printing which would eliminate the high cost of creating a mold for the bicycle wheel. The architect created a CAD file for a bike wheel. We sent the file to a 3D printer and a few weeks later, we installed the first 3D stainless steel printed bike knobs in the clients home. The kitchen looks great, the knobs work perfectly and the client is very happy to have a one of a kind kitchen.

We decided to create Knockout Knobs to offer custom knobs, pulls, hooks and replacement hardware for all our customers.

Now we can share our happy ending with everyone.



bikewheelknobstand alone

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